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Jamison IP & Specialty Services

  • Ranked as one of the top privately-held and independent U.S. insurance brokers

  • The preeminent insurance broker handling Judges Professional Liability Insurance in the US since 1984

  • Over 35 years of experience in the design, placement and administration of professional liability insurance products

  • Established reputation among insurers for the integrity and effectiveness of our client risk presentation

  • Custom tailored loss control, risk management and claims assistance programs


​The CNA Insurance Companies / Columbia Casualty Company

  • A.M. Best Rating of "A (Excellent)" and a Financial Size Category of "XV" (indicative of an "Adjusted Policyholders' Surplus" of $2,000,000,000 or greater)

  • 4th largest U. S. commercial lines insurer

  • Over 50 years of experience as a professional liability insurer

JamisonPRO Purchasing Group, LTD.

Jamison developed the JamisonPro Purchasing Group in line with our commitment to offer a stable Judges Professional Liability Insurance Program to our clients. In 1986, Congress enacted legislation known as the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act to improve the availability and affordability of certain liability insurances. With JamisonPro, we can now directly and more easily offer you the great value of Professional Liability Insurance through the Jamison.

Annual Premium

  • $2,109.00 + Surplus Lines Charge(s) | $3,119.00 + Surplus Lines Charge(s) in Louisiana.

  • "Private Judges" (or Mediation/Arbitration Endorsement) coverage is available for an Additional Premium of $370.00 plus the applicable Surplus Lines Charges.


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Thomasina Peele
(973) 669-2326

Doris Henderson
(973) 669-2395

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